Small Business v1.5 Released

A quick note that Small Business theme is updated. You can find more info at theme demo site.

Web Design Resources – 9th Week – 2013

Redacted Font Tired of lorem ipsum dummy text? Too distracting for you or your clients? Try the new Redacted Font from christiannaths. You can also try BLOKK which tries to solve the same problem for clients, not to learn latin. Hook.js – Pull to refresh for the web sites Nice little javascript that imitates pull to …..

WordPress Theme Development Checklist

As a WordPress theme developer, I always try to make the theme as much complete as it is possible before the final release. However, a lot of times, while I’m working on it, I miss to implement some of the functionalities or to style some of the elements. Because I don’t want to make same …..

Top TextMate Themes for Web Developers

I recently tried to make some change in my working environment and the first thing to do was to find a new theme for TextMate. Here is the list of my favourites.

Fresh Fonts for Your New Web Designs with @font-face Support

Are you tired of web-safe fonts? Do you want to try some new fonts and give your site a breath of freshness? You’ve come to the right place!

Small Business WordPress v1.1

I’m very happy to announce update v1.1 for Small Business Theme. This update brings much needed features for further customization of the theme. If you already bought the theme, you just need to re-download it again to get the newest version.